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Womens Euro 2022 On Espn To Air Across Television And Streaming

Regardless of controversy more than Qatar hosting the Globe Cup, the action kicks off on Sunday 20 November with the host country versus Ecuador at 17.00, and finishes on 18 December when the final will take spot at Lusail Stadium. Italy fans enjoyed seeing their favourite team sailing by way of to the second phase uncharacteristically unfazed, when England scraped via to the second round a lot to the chagrin of their fans. That will then finally be followed by that aforementioned trip back to the National Stadium on the Tuesday night to face Scotland to round-off the group stage. AS runners-up 3 years ago when the Planet Cup was played in Russia, Croatia will enter this summer’s European Championships among the favourites to lift the trophy offered the incredible talent they boast throughout their side. But it was hard, in reality, to protect against young and old from ultimately meeting immediately after months of lockdown when they have been deprived of social life. At the final whistle, thousands of fans draped in Italian flags left fan zones installed close to the Colosseum and Piazza del Popolo to converge on Piazza Venezia, at the foot of the monument to King Victor-Emmanuel II, father of Italian unification.


The Blågult have reached the quarter-finals or improved on each occasion, alternating involving getting eliminated in the semi-finals and the final eight since their most recent final appearance in 2001, when they lost in extra time to hosts Germany. A total of ten stadiums have been used at Euro 2022, such as Old Trafford, Bramall Lane and St Mary’s Stadium. As is customary for showpiece football events in England, Wembley played host to the final. Ahead of the semi-finals, Magull is the only player to open the scoring far more than once at this EURO she also scored the initially purpose in the 4- Matchday 1 victory against Denmark.

Germany have scored four ambitions in a EURO match on nine occasions no other side has accomplished so much more than 4 instances. The 4- victory against Denmark on eight July was Germany’s biggest at the tournament considering that the 2009 final – a 6-2 victory against England – and their sixth win by a four-target margin or higher. Germany have won all nine of their Women’s EURO matches in England, scoring 28 ambitions and conceding just 3. Germany have scored 97 EURO finals targets no side has however reached a century.

Until the deal ends in 2024, over 400 games will be broadcast by Premier Sports in international weeks, with all non-UK teams on the channel. The IBC is also the temporary residence to 32 of UEFA’s broadcast partners before and during the tournament. Everyone operating at the IBC is essential to adhere to strict COVID-19 restrictions, like following a zoning concept, in order to guard everybody functioning at the facility. UEFA also moved specific core IBC services – for instance its editorial content material solutions, top quality manage and broadcaster servicing teams – to its London and Nyon hubs, in order to deliver a a lot more remote resolution in the wake of the pandemic.

By waiting till after Euro 2022 to launch the 2027 bidding course of action, FIFA can now expect a quantity of high-profile bidders. This new marvel sprung up on the site of the old national stadium, which was demolished. That original version was made by Gherardo Bosio, a native of Florence, about 80 years ago. “I am incredibly proud to oversee this rebirth. There is an Italian influence across Albania,” he explains. “Involving 1925 and 1940 architects from my country had been responsible for so many buildings there. The square in front of the stadium is called Piazza Italia. We share a lengthy history of sharing our art and culture with Albania.”

To come across out when soccer games are on, download the no cost Soccer Television Schedules App which includes listings of all of the reside soccer matches out there in the United States . UEFA noted the financial strains of giving the important investment in stadiums and infrastructure would now not fall all on a single nation. Regardless of this they have stated this new format is a one particular off for 2020, and will increase the number of teams who qualify for the finals from 16 this summer time, to 24 in four years time. Euro 2020 will be the 60th anniversary of the European Championships and, rather of getting the tournament in one particular or two host nations, games will be played in cities across Europe. The all-time European Champion Clubs’ Cup top scorer, Alfredo Di Stéfano, struck 49 targets in just 58 appearances in the competitors, a targets-per-game rate that none of the modern day greats can match. At the finish of the quarterfiinal stage, we are now left with 4 teams who have qualified for the semifinals.

They are set to play the second leg of their knockout round-of-32 playoff tie against Real Betis in Spain on Thursday. 6.five Except for the delivery cost of sending the official UEFA Champions League Match balls to the relevant winners, the payment of all costs and costs involved in claiming a Prize are the duty of the winner. Any and all applicable taxes or duties in relation to the Prize are the responsibility of the winner.

The Lionesses have scored 15 objectives in their last three fixtures with Northern Ireland. England have dominated their prior meetings with Northern Ireland and will appear for a different win against their eliminated neighbours soon after Matchday 2’s record victory. The 31-year-old opened the scoring just after just eight minutes in Germany’s last meeting with Austria the 3-1 win in October 2018.

The tournament will take location across 10 planet class stadiums, with the matches taking place in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart. The tournament will kick-off in Munich on 14 June 2024, with the final being played in Berlin exactly a month later on 14 July 2024. • Kroos hit peak situation at the 2014 Globe Cup in Brazil, setting up the quarter-final winner against France and then starring in the 7-1 semi-final demolition of the hosts with two objectives. The Portugal captain and all-time highest goalscorer, Cristiano Ronaldo, has written himself into the record books. Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of the modern age, created history by appearing in 10 important international tournaments for his country, Portugal.

Fans of sides like Iceland and Wales, who shocked everybody with their success, will likely appear back at Euro 2016 fondly. For the majority of fans though, all the tournament did was trigger nostalgia for the days of the 16-team format. If something, the German side of 1972 was stronger than the 1 that won the Globe Cup.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology will premiere in European club competitions at the UEFA Super Cup. The new program will operate thanks to specialised cameras which are in a position to track 29 diverse body see this website points per player. Consequently, tickets for the quarter-final in Azerbaijan are much less high priced than tickets for the quarter-finals in Germany, Italy and Russia.

For Spanish language viewers, Univision, and their sister sports channel TUDN, will be televising Euro 2020 in the United States. Whilst they beat Croatia, France and Portugal on their way to the final, their football was often claustrophobic and dull, with Cesc Fabregas at instances deployed as the most attacking player. France’s semi-final win came with a Zidane golden goal penalty in the 117th minute, and the final proved just as dramatic. The Czechs took the lead in the final through Patrik Berger, but were eventually beaten following further-time with two goals from Oliver Bierhoff. The tournament was expanded to 16 teams for the 1st time, with four groups returning two quarter-finalists every.

In League B, every group includes 1 team from each and every of Pots 1 and two from Pot 3, two teams were drawn into each of Groups B1 and B2, with one particular drawn into each and every of the other four groups. The UEFA EURO 2020 semi-finalists’ property defeat by Croatia in June was their only loss of the group stage so far and followed eye-catching triumphs in Vienna and Paris respectively. Soon after returning to winning techniques at home to Austria last time out, another victory right here would clinch their spot in the finals. The third edition of the UEFA Nations League is nicely under way, with four matchdays played and two far more to come ahead of the finals in June 2023.

Heavyweights Nigeria and South Africa had been pitted collectively in their Group C opener at AWCON, which will take location at the Stade Moulay Hassan in Rabat. A Barcelona forward, Champions League winner, and 4-time African Women’s Footballer of the Year, Asisat Oshoala is the most decorated player in the history of African soccer — and numerous would argue she’s the greatest the continent’s game has ever noticed. She’s already won the title on 3 preceding occasions, but soon after recovering from a recent injury, she’ll be raring to add further Golden Balls and Golden Boots to her expansive trophy haul.

Stars And Constellations Details & Worksheets Kinds, Pattern, Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas. He was forced to hold up the sky for eternity, and was hence unable to safeguard his daughters. To save the sisters from being raped by the hunter Orion, Zeus transformed them into stars. But the story says a single sister fell in enjoy with a mortal and went into hiding, which is why we only see six stars. Everyone can find out to identify some of the extra critical stars and constellations, and you don’t even will need to invest in something to do it. You just need your eyes and a dark sky and a little guidance.

It still takes some imagination to see some of these shapes, but it is substantially a lot easier when all of the stars can be observed. The Draco constellation can be viewed in the northern hemisphere. It means “dragon” in Latin and was one particular of the 48 ancient constellations.

Every single one particular has the torso and head of a human with the lower half of a beast. Orion liked to boast about his conquest of Eos which made her very angry. Orion continued to brag about what a terrific hunter he was as properly read this. He claimed that he was going to kill all of the creatures on Earth. Generally, Artemis, the Greek hunting goddess, would have been offended by this claim of superior hunting skills.

According to epic of Gilgamesh, Taurus is the bull of heaven sent by the goddess Ishtar to defeat Gilgamesh following he rejected her demands. Its name is Latin for “painter,” but the constellation represents the painter’s easel. Reticulum constellation lies in the southern sky and was introduced in 1621 by the German astronomer Isaac Habrecht II, who originally named it Rhombus. Nicolas Louis de Lacaille changed its name to Reticulum in the 18th century. Its name signifies “the reticle” or “small net” in Latin and it represents the smaller net at the focus of an eyepiece on the telescope which tends to make it attainable to measure star positions. Volans is located in the southern sky and is one of the smallest constellations.

The triple tail permitted the aircraft to fit into current hangars, when features incorporated hydraulically boosted controls and a deicing system applied on wing and tail top edges. The aircraft had a maximum speed over 375 mph (600 km/h), more quickly than that of a Japanese Zero fighter, a cruise speed of 340 mph (550 km/h), and a service ceiling of 24,000 ft . Lockheed XB-30 The Lockheed Constellation (“Connie”) is a propeller-driven, 4-engined airliner constructed by Lockheed Corporation beginning in 1943. The Constellation series was the very first pressurized-cabin civil airliner series to go into widespread use. Its pressurized cabin enabled commercial passengers to fly properly above most bad climate for the 1st time, hence considerably improving the basic safety and ease of air travel.

This is because Alkes is a “high velocity” star, which suggests it moves far faster than the stars around it. Another factor that sets it apart is its higher metal content, which according to some researchers, it could have picked up when it came from the inner, metal-rich component of the Galaxy. Subsequent is Alpha Crateris, an orange giant situated approximately 174 light-years from Earth which is 80 times additional luminous than our Sun. It is also identified as Alkes, derived from the Arabic word alkas, which implies “the cup”. Then there’s Beta Crateris, a white sub-giant that is positioned about 266 light years from Earth. This star is also recognized by the name Al Sharasif, which signifies “the ribs” in Arabic.

The most prominent are two A-class principal-sequence stars that have red dwarf companions. The compact cluster NGC 2158 lies directly southwest of Messier 35. M35 is believed to be around 175 million years old, containing about 1,600 solar masses. Messier 35, also designated as NGC 2168, is an elongated open cluster that has a radius of around 11 light-years. Messier 35 is located at 3,870 light-years away from Earth, and it was found in 1745 by astronomer Phillippe Loys de Chesaux. Other noteworthy stars in Gemini are Alhena, Wasat, Mebsuta, Mekbuda, Propus, Kappa Geminorum, Nu Geminorum, 38 Geminorum, U Geminorum, or Tejat.

The scales of justice identified in Libra are hers, and they glide along by her side. This keeps the two constellations and their stories connected. Although quite a few folks do assume that Virgo refers to the word “virgin, the Latin definition of the word “virgo” indicates self-contained or self-adequate. According to astrology, these who are born beneath the sign of Virgo are individualistic and self-adequate.

Looking for constellations that include an asterism is a lot of enjoyable. You can make your stargazing adventures even far more amazing by naming the stars following your mates, family members or special an individual. The Zuni had been hardly alone in their reverence for Taurus’ Pleiades star cluster. Certainly, possibly no other star formation has enjoyed such worldwide renown for timekeeping, celebration and storytelling.

The ecliptic is the path that the Sun follows by way of the constellations each year as the Earth’s seasons transform, also known as the zodiac. As the Earth orbits the Sun, our line of sight towards the Sun passes by way of the thirteen constellations of the zodiac. Sigil was stamped from Latin sigillum, a word for a little figure or image or a seal. Sigillum is a diminutive of signum (which can also mean “sign” or “mark”). The Latin meanings are reflected in senses of the English sigil, which, for one particular, is employed for a seal.

Sahu traversed it for the duration of the day, surrounded by genii who presided over the lamps forming his constellation. Rockets by hundreds of thousands shot heaven-ward, and then burst in constellations of fiery drops. A dog-rose had hung out a complete constellation of pale stars for Molly to catch at as they passed.

Prime constellations of length $k$ are then the shortest acceptable $k$-tuples of primes. That is, a $k$-tuple is valid unless there is a prime $qle k$, which often divides the item of the terms. A tuple like $$[p,p+two,p+6]$$ is named a prime-constellation, if we cannot insert an additional quantity among the smallest and largest value without stopping that it can create infinite quite a few prime-tuples. Connect and share know-how inside a single location that is structured and easy to search.

You might have heard of the “Big Dipper” or know the indicators of the zodiac, but acquiring famous constellations among the stars calls for expertise of their fascinating history. To the left of Ka Makau Nui o Māu, below the point of its hook, is a Western constellation referred to as Sagitarrius. Farther left, above NE and E are the 3 bright stars of Huinakolu, the Navigator’s Triangle, rising. The brightest star at the leading of the Triangle is Keoe, or Rapanui the bright star above NE is Pira’e-tea / Hawaiki .

Basically, Hercules is one particular of the oldest constellations in our night sky, dating back to ancient Sumerian civilization. So if you want a complete list of the 88 star constellations, their names, meanings, and images then you’re in the correct spot. Here are all 88 officially recognized star constellations, their names, meanings, and photos. Constellations that are positioned near the celestial poles, for instance, Ursa Significant, remain visible throughout the year from one particular hemisphere.

Cancer Constellation Stars In The Evening Sky Stock Illustration 62023074

In this report, we’re going to speak about the history and the meanings of Cancer constellation tattoos. The constellations should be differentiated from asterisms. Asterisms are patterns or shapes of stars that are not connected to the recognized constellations, but nonetheless are broadly recognised by laypeople or in the amateur astronomy community. While a grouping of stars may perhaps be officially designated a constellation by the IAU, this does not mean that the stars in that constellation are necessarily grouped with each other in space. At times stars will be physically close to each and every other, like the Pleiades, but constellations are commonly seriously a matter of viewpoint.

Practically everybody knows a tiny a thing about astrology — even if it is only exactly where to obtain the each day horoscope section in the neighborhood newspaper. Regardless of whether you definitely believe the stars control your destiny, think it’s all bunk, or just like to have exciting with it, the 12 indicators of the zodiac are aspect of our cultural heritage. Over the next year, the Farmers’ Almanac will introduce you to the information and mythology behind every constellation in the conventional Western zodiac.

Two supernovae — SN 1920A and SN 2001bg — were spotted in the location of NGC 2608 in current history. Tarf / Beta Cancri is a binary star technique, consisting of the orange K-kind giant recognized as Tarf, and a faint 14th magnitude red dwarf star. From its angular distance of 29 arcseconds, the companion star’s star distance from Beta Cancri is about two,600 AU, with an orbital period of about 76,000 years. Understand about the zodiac in astronomy, the history of zodiac indicators, and the timeline of when the constellations are in the sky. Tarf / Beta Cancri is the brightest star in the zodiacal constellation of Cancer, the celestial crab.

Julius Schiller said that the entire represented SaintJohn the Evangelist. With Cancer, there is often something extra that meets the eye. They are a have a deep psyche and intuitive thoughts that is hidden from the world. Cancer is deeply sensitive and nurturing.With their strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, they will have excellent accomplishment in something they undertake.

Even though it is the brightest star in its constellation, it’s fainter brother Asellus Australis / Delta Cancri, which is the second-brightest star in the constellation, is significantly much more renowned than Tarf. The constellation of Cancer is the second dimmest out of the 12 zodiacal constellations. Tarf represents a part of the celestial crab’s body, and with each other with Asellus Australis, they are the only stars brighter than magnitude four. Cancer is situated in the Northern Hemisphere and is visible in March. It is a fairly dim constellation considering the fact that its brightest star is only fourth magnitude. Cancer is 1 of the 1st 48 Greek constellations, initial listed by the well-known astronomer, Ptolemy, in his 2nd century Almagest.

M67 is not the oldest recognized galactic cluster, but there are really few in the Milky Way identified to be older. In the 2nd century CE, Greek-Egyptian astronomer Claudius Ptolemaeus (aka. Ptolemy) compiled a list of the then-recognized 48 constellations. His treatise, recognized as the Almagest, would be applied by medieval European and Islamic scholars for more than a thousand years to come. 1 of these constellations is Cancer, which is represented by “the Crab”.

As a reward for its service, Hera placed the crab’s image in the night sky. Your zodiac sign is the one particular that the sun was “in” when you were born. Sagittarius, or the Archer, depicts the image of a centaur with a bow. In Greek mythology, a centaur is a half-man, half-horse creature.

When it comes to relationships, Cancers are loyal and devoted partners that will do anything for the ones they adore. The Tropic of Cancer is a line of latitude that marks the most northerly point at which the Sun can be viewed directly overhead. In keeping with the spirit of the brand, we build jewelry that reveals your correct nature. Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancerians are delicate, sentimental, attractive and reserved, but also determined, insecure and stubborn. Combining advanced technology with impeccable style to ensure the highest quality gemstones and jewelry.

It is about 600 million years old, and includes at least 1,000 stars, of which about 63% are red dwarfs, with the remainder all Sun-like stars . Epsilon Cancri is a binary star in the Cancer constellation. It is also one of the brightest stars in the Beehive Cluster. The apparent visual magnitude of Epsilon Cancri is +6.29 which implies that it can be hard to see it with a non aided eye.

It is very easy to locate Cancer due to the fact it lies just above Gemini and under Leo’s constellations on our sky map. Cancer is bordered by constellations Lynx, Canis Main, Leo, Leo Minor, Hydra & Gemini. Cancer is 1 of the 42 constellations that represents an animal. Cancer is one particular of the 88 constellations within the celestial sphere.

The transmission of such data is an inherent function of World-wide-web communication protocols. Praesepe played an essential part in the history of astronomy. Galileo was the initial to turn his telescope to this fuzzy object in the sky, only the discover it was a star cluster. The discovery of this cluster, along with lots of other observations made by Galileo, became the catalyst to the scientific revolution.

In most myths, Cancer was identified by the giant crab that Hercules stepped on and killed whilst fighting the Hydra. In no way was there a much more pathetic character in all of mythology. The crab literally pinches Hercules’ toe, to which Hercules just crushes him, and that’s the finish of that. Supposedly the Greek goddess Herafelt terrible and put him in the sky. Amongst the Babylonians, the constellation was known as MUL.AL.LUL, or Bulag a name that can refer to either a crab or a snapping turtle.

Gamma Cancri is a subgiant with an A-kind stellar classification , which is approximately 158 light-years distant. An apparent magnitude of 4.66 has been calculated for it. The rise and set times offered right here are just directional indications and they refer to a point around visit homepage placed at the center of the constellation. In case of pretty big constellations these times can have small relevance.

Beyond Bts: How K-pop Idols Became The Hottest Pop Stars On The Planet

On this basis, K-pop commonly exists in group nicely referred to as K-pop groups and there are hundreds of K-pop groups which are all significantly sound. Nonetheless, for the basis of this Short article, we shall examine only the major ten greatest K-pop groups in the world as items stands now. According to Mano Lee, a Seoul-based K-pop columnist, the sexism and misogyny that female stars face is a symptom of the way ladies are treated in wider society.

K-Pop is a somewhat new genre, becoming very first established in mainstream media in the 1980s. Lee Soo Man, the founder of big Korean label SM Entertainment, was inspired by MTV whilst in the US and returned to South Korea to discovered his firm. Launching K-Pop groups such as H.O.T., Super Junior, and many far more, the establishment and success of these acts led to a movement of several Korean corporations investing in music. BLACKPINK’s Lisa came in third on the list but was crowned as the highest-ranking female idol in the world. The rapper, singer, and dancer has made a name for herself as both a member of the group and as an individual.

IU has previously collaborated with significant brands such as Samsung, Sony, and Guess. On Could 30, 2019, she released her 1st solo album, A Stroll to Try to remember. If you are not very familiar with K-Pop culture, we’re right here to enable. We have curated a list of the most-followed K-Pop idols on Instagram to help you in grasping the K-Pop influencer landscape. This can bring insight on how you’d like to market your brand when entering South Korea.

The enigmatic business continues to inspire the rest of the worldwide music sector with its legendary fandoms … Ailee is a Korean-American singer who came to Korea in 2010 and produced waves in the music market. In 2013, she released her second mini-album and her single “U&I” soared to the top of Korean music charts in four minutes! That exact same day, record shops have been practically operating out of copies of her album. “TT” is also the group’s most-watched YouTube video to date, with almost 500 million views. Although Twice has established itself as a top rated K-pop group by embracing a youthful image, the act’s most current releases have taken a darker, edgier turn.

In 2019, five members reunited in a selection show and performed two of their songs titled “Bang” and “Diva.” In 2022, the girls’ band will be celebrating its 16th anniversary. It ought to be secure to say that 2NE1 began the girl crush concept amongst idol girl groups. In October 2016, Jaden Jeong, the creative director and music producer of Blockberry Collective, began an 18-month project exactly where the 12 members of LOONA were revealed periodically and was accompanied by a promotional single.

I’ve always shied away from seven string guitars since of the added weight, but the Ibanez Quest series are all super-light so that wouldn’t be an situation right here and I could finally learn how to play that djent garbage. I’ve been bulking a bit too considerably when functioning out lately, so last week I quit all snacking involving meals and all chocolate and sweets except on one particular day per week. I’ve bookmarked this video just in case I start off caving simply because the candy depicted right here paired with this music is a real turn-off and unquestionably will assistance me handle any cravings. Yoyomi says sorry for being all raunchy in her final comeback and scaring your grandparents, so she now has a new video so you can show it to them and get them back on side. Also shout out to Yoyomi’s social rehabilitation outreach plan that re-employs ex-gang members with low prospects in the genuine economy as tambourine players. According to my song list submitter this is a dance crew crossing over into original songs, which under no circumstances works.

The Savoy Hotel still stood, refurbished to be sure, but was no longer fancy or fashionable, its previous glory obtaining long considering the fact that evaporated like so a great deal dry ice. College uniforms and typical haircuts had been superseded by blue jeans and brief skirts and a wide array of hairstyles and hair colors. Glowing cafés had replaced the district’s dim teahouses-the servers smiled now-and rapid-meals chains jostled with upscale restaurants. But the most vibrant difference was the sound of American-style preferred music, once strange to South Korean ears and now dominating tv shows and, it seemed, each other screen. And now it was no longer my uncle or my cousins but non-Koreans who apprised me of the ins and outs of South Korean preferred music, showing me the most recent music videos on their phones or tablets.

Over half a dozen singles emerged in 2020 from NCT’s numerous units but none felt very as moreish as the drawling knowingness of “Make A Wish”, and the mixture of some of NCT’s gravelliest and ethereal voices. In “Oh My God”’s music video – a tour de force of religion and higher glamour – a single scene fills with the whisper of “Ab limo pectore”. From Latin to English, “In my deepest heart”, a phrase Julius Caesar was pretty fond of prior to being assassinated. “Oh My God” plays against kind with an identikit intro/outro and elimination of a bridge, but the crooning, self-flagellating verses and Soyeon’s wickedly remorseless rap crawl deep below the skin. Apink’s sophisticated sound and onomatopoeic hook finds a home in a music video that looks inspired by Wes Anderson but, packed with metaphors, is a clever storytelling companion.

BTS stands for Bangtan Soneyondan which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” BTS is a seven-member boy group also known as “Bangtan Boys” under the entertainment business Big Hit Entertainment. Boy band 2PM’s “My Property,” is seductive, romantic R&B that will charm even the most staunch genre purist. Like any introduction, this need to serve as a subjective primer — one particular curated to greatest satiate curious Western listeners and give them a skeletal foundation in which to create upon. In truth, the planet of K-pop is expansive and exponentially evolving.

Extra an umbrella term than a pure genre, K-pop encompasses something from pure pop to hip hop, R&B, ballads and EDM. With each and every passing year, the stakes in K-pop are continuously rising—especially for the greatest K-pop music videos. A video idea (whether it’s teen crush or neo-futuristic) sets the tone for an artists’ comeback and serves as the driving force behind an album’s lead single.

Seven other Swedish songwriters who operate on K-pop tracks have studios in the similar developing. The final 3 years have observed a surge in 80’s musical nostalgia, from The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” to Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. Everglow’s “La Di Da” offers describes it us some aggressive synth-pop and, like K-pop normally does, turns the amp up all the way to eleven.